Furniture Manufacturing and Interior Decoration is our principal business activites. Our clients consult us when they start construction of their offices and homes, to co-ordinate interior decoration and furnishing work with construction works. It is due to this reason we are providing contracting services on turnkey bases.This allowed our customers the possibility of dealing with only one prestigious company for all their needs.


Selection of right furniture and suitable architectural interior can give your office, home or kitchen the right look. There should must be some thing different in your choice, which must distinguish it from others. Simab can assist you to elaborately design and execute your plan. We assist our clients with everything, from designing and selection of furniture and interior decoration to final finishes.For Simab every new job should must be performed with latest designs and ideas, so as to make it "the most up- to-date."



Price of our product can satisfy all needs of our customers, from the low-end, passing through our medium range products, until the very high-end. This allow our customers selection from the range of low-end to high-end products, and plan furnishing of homes and offices with price range options, being considering the priority and importance of their needs, within their budget.